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And what will you be doing tomorrow?

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Every year, over the last century, around ten young people are recruited as apprentices at FERRY CAPITAIN. The apprentices are supervised by experienced tutors who educate them on their knowledge with practical hands-on experience. Generally, at the end of the contract, equipped with their diplomas, these young people are permanently taken on by the company where they can develop according to their skills and opportunities.
A training budget which is much higher than the legal obligation enables FERRY CAPITAIN to develop the skills of its employees and insert young people into permanent employment.


Cursus apprentissage

FERRY CAPITAIN offers a large range of occupations: from pattern making to machining passing by moulding, melting and welding; maintenance, CAD/CAM, etc.
Apprenticeship contracts, professionalization contracts and Internet training:


Build your future, the choice is yours!



A few accounts from FERRY CAPITAIN apprentices:

  • Aurélien Aubry, 24 years old, Furnaceman,
    « A guaranteed career I was recruited as an Assistant-Furnaceman in 2005. I knew nothing, I wanted to know and learn everything about this occupation. So my manager suggested that I do training in metallurgical engineering. I then developed my skills via work placements focusing on melting. I have currently been offered another opportunity: first-line supervisor validation. With perseverance, I have moved up the ladder. FERRY CAPITAIN offers me career development, I know where I am going and this is very reassuring.»


  • Christelle Berne, 28 years old, Commercial Export Assistant,
    Degree in languages and Post-graduate Degree in International Business
    « A very human occupation I have been working at FERRY-CAPITAIN as a commercial assistant in the Hispanic sector for 3 years now. It is an exciting occupation, where you work in a team within your own department but also with all of the technical departments. Interpersonal contacts are very important and it is extremely fulfilling to be in close contact with different and complementary occupations.»


  • Alexis Aubertin, 23 years old, Maintenance Methods Assistant
    BAC in Electrical Engineering ITS and Advanced Technician's Certificate in Industrial Inspection and Automatic Regulation
    « Recognized training For the past 18 months, I have been employed as Maintenance Methods Assistant, as an engineering apprentice, at FERRY CAPITAIN. I have been assigned important tasks with the following responsibilities: my work involves alerting malfunctions, modernising machines and reducing down times. Everyone trusts me. This is important so that I can execute my tasks correctly. My training is recognized along with my determination to succeed. This gives me a great deal of satisfaction."


  • Alison Milani, 19 years old, Machining Technician
    3rd Vocational Preparation and Vocational Studies Certificate in Computer Integrated Manufacturing
    « A chosen future Metallurgical engineering is the sector which recruits the highest number of people. Being mainly manual, I have chosen to go into technology. My high school told me about FERRY CAPITAIN and its many occupations. I sent in my CV, I was contacted and last September I joined the company to study a Machining Technician VOC BAC apprenticeship. I am learning about all of the machining occupations, conventional machines and state-of-the-art digital control machines and related occupations, etc. This company offers me an occupation, career development and a future. I have made my choice.»



The salary of an apprentice is calculated according to various criteria: the age of the apprentice, the number of years of study, his/her parents' income, etc.

Age of the apprentice 1st year 2nd year 3rd year
< 18 years old 512 € 640 € 832 €
Between 18 and 20 years old 640 € 768 € 896 €
Between 21 and 25 years old 768 € 832 € 998 €