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Research and development


A preferred partner in the subcontractor market, FERRY CAPITAIN dedicates an increasing budget to R&D. Its team includes six engineers and twelve technicians who strive to develop new solutions for everyone involved in the equipment sector and who work with recognized technical centres in France and abroad.


FERRY CAPITAIN also works closely with suppliers to be among the first to test the latest developments released on the market.


FERRY CAPITAIN actively participates in the various standardisation committees, including amongst others the ECISS/TC31 for moulded steel, CENT/TC190 for nodular cast iron and AGMA for tooth gears.
FERRY CAPITAIN is also heavily involved with the nodular cast iron development actions: welding, taking into account the specificities of this material in the non-destructive testing.


The R&D department can be contacted at any time to design a small-scale prototype for example, or to develop a specific product involving foundry and mechanical engineering processes.