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Financial engineering


Working with exports for a number of years, FERRY CAPITAIN is familiar with international payment methods and can offer, according to its customer requirements, various methods of financing such as :


The company can study the solutions that are most suited to the situation with its customers.


If you would like to ask any questions or require further information regarding this subject, then please do not hesitate to contact our specialist :



An export financing technique that involves, for an exporter, selling to a forfaiter against cash payment and without recourse by the latter against the seller (as opposed to the conventional discount subject to collection) an export debt that is subject to a payment period. In general, this debt is guaranteed by a prominent bank accepted by the forfaiter.
The guarantee shall take the form of a guarantee for payment of a bill, a documentary credit or a bank guarantee. The life of the financing is spread over six months to five years. The minimum transaction amount is generally 76,000 euros.



An export financing technique, generally in the region of 85% of the contract amount, usually over a minimum period of 2 years. Credit is granted by a bank to a foreign buyer (or to a borrower acting on behalf of the buyer) who has concluded a commercial contract with an exporter. The exporter is paid throughout the duration of his services.
Regulated buyer credit generally has the advantage of the guarantee from export credit agencies acting on behalf of the state (in France COFACE) . It is subject to the OECD Consensus rules which define the modalities of its establishment (origin of the services, payment on account, interest rates, credit repayment term, etc.).



A conditional payment obligation provided by a bank. More specifically, it is a written obligation made by a bank (issuing bank) and given to the seller (beneficiary) upon request by and according to the instructions of the buyer (order giver) to make or have made a settlement, either by making a payment, or by accepting or negotiating a commercial paper up to a specified amount and upon presentation of prescribed documents.



A letter of credit under the terms of which the issuing bank undertakes to pay the beneficiary on presentation of documents certifying that the order giver has not fulfilled his contractual obligations. It is subject to the uniform customs and practices for documentary credits.