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Present Operations


In brief

Located along the banks of the Marne river in Joinville, in the heart of the Haute-Marne department, FERRY CAPITAIN currently employs over 450 people.


The company has been the hub of economic activity in the region for over 170 years. Undeniably, the company plays a significant social role in the Joinville basin. In addition to employing at least 10 apprentices every year, FERRY CAPITAIN works closely with schools, colleges and engineering schools in Joinville and Saint-Dizier.


Producing more than 9,000 tons of top quality cast iron or steel components per year using technologies and techniques mainly relying heavily on IT and digital expertise, FERRY CAPITAIN has become one of the world leaders in the large mechanical component niche.


Export sales worldwide account for more than 75% of its turnover. Although FERRY CAPITAIN is well-known for having supplied components for the Channel Tunnel, pulleys for the Eiffel Tower or windshields for the Millau Viaduct, it has also constructed the much less publicised but just as important large transmission gears that equip gold, nickel or copper mines in Chile, South Africa or Australia.



Aerial view of Ferry Capitain - June 2010