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Our occupations


For over 175 years, we have produced large (up to 14 metres in diameter), and heavy tonnage (up to 250,000 kg assembled) moulded cast iron and steel components for major international industrial groups. Our strength and our reputation stem from our ability to propose technical, technological and top quality global solutions for our customers.



The production departments


Sales department :

The mission of the sales department is to promote the company, its technical capabilities, its expertise, its innovations and its benchmarks for its existing clientele and potential customers worldwide.


Proposed occupations: manager, technician, assistant and sales assistant, with commercial and technical expertise in a foreign language (or languages).


Methods and machining engineering offices :

This department studies the feasibility of the component from the foundry as well as machining point of view. Cutting-edge technology software applications are used to optimise the designs and present a technical solution matching the customer's requirements.

Proposed occupations: manager, design engineers, project manager, technician, planner and technical assistant.


Pattern making :

This department designs customised models in wood and polystyrene, from 2D drawings of existing models, using conventional and digital control machines.


These models will be used to create the sand pattern cavities in the moulding sites.


Proposed occupations: manager, workshop technician, pattern maker, model manager, warehouse keeper.


Moulding :

This department manufactures mould from pits dug in the ground or frames placed on the ground. These moulds will receive liquid metal, cast iron or steel, meticulously prepared and heated between 1300° and 1500° C.


Proposed occupations: mould maker, assistant mould maker, core maker, operator, workshop technician, first-line supervisor, overhead crane driver, etc.


Melting/Casting :

CThis department develops all types of ferrous alloys from 90% recycled scrap (chips from machining, metal-based scrap only) and by adding ferrous elements (nickel, chromium, magnesium, etc.).

The temperature and analysis of the metal are regularly checked and adjusted up to its transfer from the furnaces to the ladles and during casting.


Proposed occupations: furnace manager, caster/ladler, furnaceman, stripper, mason, overhead crane driver, etc.


Surface and Heat Treatments :

This department's mission is to subject the components to heat cycles to obtain the mechanical proprieties required in the specification. We can carry out air or water quenching on any type of steel or cast iron, with or without tempering.

Proposed occupations: heat treatment operator, etc.


Finishing :

This is the final operation in the foundry component production cycle. This department is divided into three main types of operations: shot blasting, machine fettling and manual fettling.

Proposed occupations: shot blasting operator, burner finisher, machine finisher, hand finisher, controller finisher, etc.


Machining/Cutting :

This production department has the mission of machining the components produced in the foundry or within the context of subcontracting either during preforming, or finish machining, or even complete machining, using large capacity conventional or digital control machines.


Proposed occupations: workshop manager, first-line supervisors, tracers, turners, gear cutting machine operators, milling machine operators, drilling machine operators, grinders, fitter, store keeper, tool makers and warehouse keepers, etc.


Welded fabrication :

This department's mission is to assemble the components via welding, and/or repairing cast iron or steel components.

Proposed occupations: welder, etc.


Inspection :

This department's mission is to carry out various inspection operations, to guarantee compliance of the components with customer requirements and for this ensure that customer or in-house specifications are applied and respected. It also accompanies and assists the inspectors appointed by the customers.

Proposed occupations: test operator, metrology/production/machining, etc. test technician


Shipping – Customs :

This department's mission is to prepare the components for their shipping: protective painting, customised wood packing, handling and loading on trucks, organising national and international transport, preparing the various documents, including the customs documents for the transport used.


Proposed occupations: industrial painter, joiner, shipping agent, warehouse keeper, office worker, etc.


On-site erection and technical assistance :

Once the components have been delivered to the customer, a team of fitters go to the erection site to supervise and assist the assembly and lubrication of the components and check the start-up of the installation. The team of fitters returns to the site regularly to check that the components and the installation are operating correctly.

Proposed occupations: Fitter manager, assistant fitter, etc.



Related departments

CAPM : Computer-aided production management manages and optimises all of the activities related to the production, and more specifically machine planning management

Proposed occupations: production director, manager, technician, assistant, etc.


Quality : The quality department aims to guarantee customer satisfaction. For this, it defines, formalises, implements and upgrades the quality system by establishing reliable and recognised production methods, complying with various standards such as the ISO 9001 standard, ISO 14000 standard and traceability of the manufacturing of components.

Proposed occupations: director, manager, assistant, secretary, etc.

Safety : the safety department defines the company's safety policy and ensures its implementation, coordination and monitoring. It respects and has respected the regulations in force. It establishes health and safety or environmental safety programs to reduce the number of occupational accidents and their cost.

Proposed occupations: Safety manager, assistant, etc.


Environment : the environment department defines the environmental policy for the company. It makes sure that the environmental regulations are respected for all of the company activities that are likely to generate nuisances outside of the site (air, noise, waste, etc.). It also acts as the interface between the various company departments as regards production and administration. It is the preferred point of contact for the inspection of classified installations (DRIRE - Regional Directorate for Industry, Research and the Environment). It is responsible for the environmental certification process (application of the ISO 14 000 procedure). Proposed occupations: Environmental manager, assistant, etc.


Communication : the Communications department is the company's mouth piece. Its mission is to develop a positive image for the company with the media (external communications) and with the employees (internal communications). In the first case, national or international exhibitions, company visits, open days, etc. are organised for example. In the second case, the employees are notified on all of the information regarding the company policy and strategy (in-house magazine, intranet site, information meetings, etc.) and its effects on their professional life.

Proposed occupations: manager, communications assistant, marketing assistant, etc.


Human Resources : This is the first department that you meet when you join a company. This department performs the administrative management (pay, paid leave), develops the company's human resources (recruitment, promotion, training and career management) or manages the social relationships.

Proposed occupations: manager, training assistant, recruitment, etc.


Accounts : The accounts department reflects the company's health by taking an interest in various fields: company purchasing, investments and financial expenses.

Proposed occupations: finance director, accounts manager, customer account manager, supplier account manager, assistant, etc.


Purchasing : The purchasing department provides the company's in-house users with goods and/or services acquired externally within the best possible price, deadline, quality and service conditions for the company and its customers

Proposed occupations: departmental manager, buyer, supplier invoice manager, etc.


Subcontracting : a service which is part of the purchasing department but this department is more specifically responsible for purchasing the technical equipment that is incorporated into the products that we sell to our customers and purchasing services (machining, painting, packing, etc.).

 Proposed occupations: manager, assistant, etc.